Pincer Pokemon


Swarm or Technician


5'11" (Imperial)

1.8m (Metric)


260.1 lbs (Imperial)

118.0 kg (Metric)

Regional Pokedex Numbers

Johto - #112 (111 in Gen 2)

Hoenn - #355 (Not Shown)

Sinnoh - #196 (Platinum only)


212Scizor S212Scizor


Scizor is a dual-type Bug/Steel Pokémon. It evolves from Scyther via trade with a Metal Coat. It was introduced in Gen 2.

In the animeEdit

Major appearancesEdit

Scizor was first seen under the ownership of a Trainer named Shingo who thought he could always predict the outcome of a match by the database on his computer in Wired For Battle. In the same episode, the trainer Muramasa has a Scizor named Masamune.

The Iron-Masked Marauder used a Scizor to retrieve Celebi in Celebi: Voice of the Forest.

Gary Oak used a Scizor against Ash in Can't Beat the Heat!

In A Judgment Brawl, Katie used a Scizor to battle Ash's Swellow during the Hoenn League. Katie's Scizor lost.

In Curbing the Crimson Tide, a girl named Luna had a Scizor disguise itself as "Red Lightning". Red Lightning went around a city, battling other people's Pokémon. Red Lightning would then scribble on the defeated Pokémon's face. The disguised Scizor's reign of terror ended when Ash's Pikachu blasted its costume off and Ash's Sceptile defeated it in battle.

A Scizor under the ownership of McCann battled Ash's Gliscor in Mastering Current Events!.

In Zoroark: Master of Illusions, two Scizor are owned by Goone.

Minor appearancesEdit

Scizor also appeared in Gymbaliar! under the ownership of a girl named Minnie. It fought against Jessie's Croagunk and lost.

A Scizor appeared in The Saffron Con, used to cut Jessie's hair as it was tangled with James's Cacnea.

A Scizor appeared in Camping It Up!.

Another one appeared in Steeling Peace of Mind!.

Pokedex EntriesEdit

Episode Pokemon Source Entry
EP140 Scizor Ash's Pokedex Scizor, the Scissor Pokémon. The evolved form of Scyther. Its incredible attack speed and its large scissor-like claws make it a formidable opponent.
DP008 Scizor Dawn's Pokedex Scizor, the Pincer Pokémon. It intimidates its foes with its claws imprinted with eye-like patterns.
DP154 Scizor Dawn's Pokedex Scizor, the Pincer Pokémon. It threatens enemies with its eye-patterned claws, which can swing with tremendous force when used in battle.

Move SetEdit

By Level Up
Level Move Type Power Accuracy PP Category
Start Bullet Punch Steel 40 100% 30 Physical
Start Quick Attack Normal 40 100% 30 Physical
Start Leer Normal - 100% 30 Status
5 Focus energy Normal - - 30 Status
9 Pursuit Dark 40 100% 20 Physical
13 False Swipe Normal 40 100% 40 Physical
17 Agility Psychic - - 40 Status
21 Metal Claw Steel 50 95% 35 Physical
25 Fury Cutter Bug 20 95% 20 Physical
29 Slash Normal 70 100% 20 Physical
33 Razor Wind Normal 80 100% 10 Special
37 Iron Defense Steel - - 15 Status
41 X-Scissor Bug 80 100% 15 Physical
45 Night Slash Dark 70 100% 15 Physical
49 Double Hit Normal 35 90% 10 Physical
53 Iron Head Steel 80 100% 15 Physical
57 Swords Dance Normal - - 30 Status
61 Feint Normal 30 100% 10 Physical


  • Scizor shares the same species name with Kingler. They are both known as Pincer Pokémon, though Scizor has also been called the Scissor Pokémon.
    • Coincidentally, both Scizor and Kingler have the highest Attack stat of Pokémon of their primary type, each having a base Attack of 130.
  • Despite having different base stats, Scizor and its pre-evolution, Scyther, have the same base stat total: 500. In-turn, Scizor is the only Pokémon to not have its base stat total changed after evolution.
    • Since Scyther is part Flying-type, Scizor has a lower Speed stat than its evolution, but also a higher Defense stat.
  • Scizor is able to learn three "increasing a stat by two-stages" moves at least by leveling up alone. Those move are Agility, Iron Defense, and Swords Dance.
  • Though its entries mention using both of its claws to act as decoys to scare the foe, Scizor cannot have the ability Intimidate.


Scizor shares characteristics with flying red ants and praying mantises with armor.

Name OriginEdit

Scizor's name is a combination of scissor and razor. Its Japanese name is a corruption of 剪む hasamu, to clip or snip.


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